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"For Service, Not For Profit"

About Us

Scurry County School FCU was established in 1954 by the educators of Scurry County to help other educators with their savings and loan needs. As time went on the membership field was expanded to include employees of the city, county, Cogdell hospital, and Western Texas College.
Their idea was to charge just enough interest on loans to pay a decent rate of dividends on their savings accounts. We still use this philosophy today. Our motto is "For Service, Not For Profit" and we try to give the best service we can.
Today, our credit union is staffed by:
Jackie Smith - Bookkeeper
Bonnie Stokes - Insurance/Title Clerk
Laura Reyes - Loan Officer

The Credit Union Board of Directors:
Malcolm Crawford - President
Judy Moss, Tammy Wesson, Ralph Ramon, Ann Everett
Each member is elected to a two-year term.

Scurry County School Federal Credit Union * 1903 40th Street * Snyder, TX 79549
Phone 325-573-6568 * Fax 325-573-6572 
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